Designing with Passion Project

Designing with Passion Doc

Many many thanks to my amazing colleague and friend Sarah Thomas @sarahdateechur for inviting us to participate in her Designing with Passion project for educators.  In the space of about 20 minutes, the ideas that had been swirling around in my head became visible to me in this doc. My project, which I have been “unknowingly” working on for the last nearly five years, is to create dynamic interactive ESL and math literacy materials for adult immigrants with no previous education in their L1. Another part of the project, or perhaps a different project, but at this point they dovetail very easily, is to infuse appropriate digital learning materials throughout all levels of my ESL class (I teach all levels 1 – 6).

So the transition is from almost “0” learning materials for the very low literacy students to abundant print AND digital materials. And for the more literate students – to transform the curriculum so that it doesn’t look at all like a book based class, but rather a digital AND print class.


There are so many elements – I have started by creating a foundation with Google Docs. Students now follow our class notes (I use Google Docs as a whiteboard) on their tablets. They can interact with the google doc at any time during the class.

MaterialsFound a homeschool store near by. Will explore for hands-on materials that might be available to purchase for cheap.




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