Capstone 8-14


Vocabulary Mastery – CASAS 81X using Quizlet

81x vocab list

 Goals: As a result of this unit, students will be able to

  1. Create their own  flashcards using the free version of Quizlet either on a computer or their own device (BYOD)
  2. Find pictures for the designated vocabulary within Quizlet.
  3. Read, correctly pronounce, and understand what the words mean.


Students will use technology to learn vocabulary related to CASAS 81X and 82X standardized test. They will:

  1.  Create their own illustrated vocabulary cards using images from Quizlet’s free version. 
  2. Practice the vocabulary using Quizlet’s study tools.
  3. Share their set with others in the class.


Time Frame: 3 to 5  1-hour periods – depends on skill level of student

Teacher Resources:

  1. Computer, devices
  2. Google Drive and Google Docs
  3. Projector
  4. CASAS Vocabulary List
  5. Quizlet

Student Resources

  1. CASAS Vocabulary List
  2. Translator app (if needed)
  3. Computer or handheld device of their choice
  4. Quizlet account

Teacher Preparation

  1. Vocabulary lists
  2. Set Quizlet parameters
  3. Instruction sheets for volunteers
  4. Screencasts for volunteers and students

Teacher Directions For Lesson

  1. Give typed vocabulary sheets to students.
  2. Show Screencasts:  How to Set Up a Quizlet  and How to Use Quizlet Flashcards.
  3. Provide time for students to practice using Quizlet. 
  4. Observe, provide assistance and make adjustments as needed. 

ISTE 2: Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments




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