1. Build your PLN via a social network. My current “go to” PLN is my Edumatch Voxer group. This group knows about every EdCamp and EdTech conference in the country, as well as other related events. Anytime I have a question about apps or materials, I put it out there and someone (usually more than one person) has solutions. For example I had been using EdPuzzle to divide a video into short segments but EdPuzzle lacked some features I needed, so I put the question out there and within a few minutes people had suggested  3 or 4 alternatives. There is always ongoing discussion about various education issues, topics and ideas for implementation. They are also active on Twitter with a Twitter chat called “Tweet n Talk” every Sunday at 6PM. There is a MichEd group which I also belong to.

2. Follow the 21Things for Teachers Twitter Network #21things4


3. Build PLN via educational organization: MACUL

a. SIG – I tried to join several SIG Google groups, both by clicking the links provided and using the QR codes. I always got the message “…no group named “_____” so I tried following on Twitter. I am following  @SIGMM_MACUL and finding some very good resources including many tweets from Ruston Hurley’s keynote at MACUL 2016. Lots of good stuff in that keynote. I’m not a big fan of the Twitter format – I find it cluttered, but I do like the networking and sharing of resources that the Twitter platform makes possible.

b. MACUL Journal article – Individualizing Instruction

macul journal fall 2015

This article targeted three free tools that I’ve been playing with – Blendspace, Screencastify and EdPuzzle but I hadn’t taken the next step to create individualized lessons. After reading this article, I have a framework for creating my first individualized lesson. I can use Google Forms to create the pre and post tests, put them as well as video and other resources into Blendspace, use EdPuzzle to segment any videos I add and Screencastify to record any instructions or additional resources.

4.  Use an Educational Organization’s Resources: REMC projects page > Connected Educators 

On the REMC projects page I found several Connected Educator Videos. I chose one on Livebinder because I want to learn how to use it better. Getting Organized Digitally. It was out-of-date (2013) and although some of the features are still current, several have changed and it was confusing trying to follow along. The tutorials on LiveBinder are more current.

ISTE 5a, c, d


One thought on “15-PLN

  1. Cathy, It’s so great that you are finding so many ways to connect with others. I’ve tried Voxer but I just couldn’t do it. I even tried listening to the conversations while in my car, but I think the barrier for me was that I use my drive time to ‘process’ and think so it was a distraction. It’s amazing all the ways to connect these days.


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