13-Digital Images

Digital Images Assignment

1. Talking Avatar

This was a lot of fun but very limited without a subscription. I like how easy it was to add my own background and my own voice. I can see using this as a fun way to introduce a lesson, add transitions in slides, share assignments, announcements, etc. I have an idea to announce the class party with a talking avatar along with a digital invitation.

2. Flickr Photostream

I have had a Shutterfly account for years but haven’t used it much since there are now so many more ways of sharing photos and making books. I also have a Snapfish  account via Meijer Photos which I use mostly for times when I want to print. I found the Shutterfly interface very cluttered and the only two choices I could see for sharing were email and setting up one of their websites. I chose the website option, but it was cluttered and confusing, so I moved on to try something new – Flickr. I like Flickr for a few reasons – first and foremost the interface is simple and I could share quickly. Also there’s already a Flickr sharing option on my Mac and it works! I had downloaded the Shutterfly extension and it didn’t work.

3 and 4: Edit photos and create slideshow

Fotoflexer – I like the variety of tools and fun effects, but as a long-time user of several other image editors both on the computer and on various devices, I found this online editor Fotoflexer very slow and clunky. This is partly due to bandwidth issues I have at home but also there are a lot of tools that are so much easier to use in other apps. I wanted to use the pictures that I had uploaded to Flickr but Fotoflexer wouldn’t work with Flickr in Safari. I switched to Chrome and got the two accounts linked, but still couldn’t access my new Flickr photos (only old ones appeared).  It was getting very time-consuming and frustrating so I decided to try another editing app.

PicMonkey is available as a Chrome app, and I found it much more up to date and much more intuitive than Fotoflexer. Many features require a subscription, but there is plenty that can be done with the basic version. I love the visual interface. See screenshot below.


My students already use device-based photo editing and sharing tools via Facebook and a few other social media sites, so they would need a compelling reason to do the same activities on a computer. For example, if they’re doing a computer based project it would make more sense to use the online tools rather than switching back and forth from device to computer.

PhotoPeach Slideshow– this slideshow is about our class trip to the Tulip Festival. I kept it simple with just a small amount of text for reading practice. Students will generate much conversation from these few slides, which will become a pronunciation and conversation activity.

Our Trip to the Tulip Festival


One thought on “13-Digital Images

  1. Cathy, You are already so adept at using images in your teaching – your creative uses will only grow now! I love love love the tulip time video! It is clear that everyone is having a great time, learning, and then showing their learning. It’s so heartwarming for me to see the pictures of your students as I feel like I know them from your descriptions and all the successes you’ve shared. Just so exciting!


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