Presentations Assignment


For this assignment I decided to follow the Native American theme and consolidate all l the resources I’ve discovered. There are, of course, many ways to do this from a simple Google Doc with links and QR codes to a shared Diigo outliner to a group of links on my Face of the Classroom to a Padlet, and many more. In the interest of adding more tools to my toolbox, I decided to try Blendspace, which was completely new to me.

Of all the presentation tools I’ve explored, Blendspace is, to me,  the simplest and quickest way to put all resources in one place and share them.

For a visual learner, Blendspace is excellent. I love that with the grid you can see all the slides at once. I love how easy it is to add and delete resources. I love that I got  my resources for one project together in one place with just a few steps. I think this format will be very helpful to my students in their research. I already have a Padlet set up with some of the same resources. Padlet is great because students can add questions and comments, but it doesn’t have a presentation format like Blendspace does. The presentation format is really useful for giving an overview before students dig in on their own.

On the other hand – Blendspace still has many limitations that would hold me back from using it extensively.  The text only format is really limiting. In my opinion there needs to be a lot more flexibility with slides like a traditional slide program has. But for what it does, and for how quickly I could put this list together compared to the amount of time it would take tweaking all the settings in other slideshows, I am very happy with the results for now.




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