Capstone 1-7

Comments – I am thrilled to say that it was challenging to choose just one project for this Capstone because  I have now implemented at least one technology project/theme for each language and technology level of my class. I somewhat arbitrarily chose the Padlet project but I really need to document and write up the others, as they have passed the experimental stage and have now become credible prototypes for learning and using vocabulary in various contexts. 

Here is a link to the Google Doc of my Capstone Lesson Plan (screenshots below)

capstone p1


capstone p2

capstone p3

capstone p4

capstone p5

Capstone Project


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One thought on “Capstone 1-7

  1. Cathy, How exciting that you are finding all these ways to use your new learning with the students. Your lessons are well detailed and the learning/recall students will take with them will support them far into their educational learning. Great work!


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