For this Thing, I chose a student-written story to convert to mp3. The process was very quick and the conversion from word to audio amazingly accurate. Unfortunately the voice is computer-generated and while each word is articulated clearly the intonation patterns are not accurate – there is monotone where there should be either a rise or drop in voice. This is a problem for me with all computer-generated voice audio. My students will, unfortunately imitate the wrong pronunciation and intonation, which will not be a good result. Nonetheless, here is the original docx and here are screen shots of the process. My version of WordPress will not allow me to upload the actual audio file but I did post a link to it here:

Nada’s Busy Day Story and Audio                   Nada’s Busy Day Word Doc

Screenshots of conversion process:

zamzar convert 1

zamzar thank you for downloading


Class Calendar – I created a calendar and calendar link on my Google Site. I like how convenient it is and I like that when I edit it the changes appear instantly. 

Long Link: Tues-Weds AM Class Notes 3-8 and 9-2016

Shortened Link: https://goo.gl/xnXdI2


Evernote – Here’s a screenshot of the note I created and shared with Anne

screenshot of shared evernote


Oh, my, wow! This is a digital junkie’s heaven. In just a few minutes looking through the featured binders I found four and had to stop. I made bookshelves within LiveBinder, created a separate page called Teacher Resources on my Face of the Classroom site and also    put the links into my Evernote (just for extra practice:)) and to make sure I don’t lose anything. Always have a backup, right? What a wonderful resource – to have topics of interest already organized by someone else. I definitely prefer having expandable tabs on the left side – much easier for my learning and organizational brain. What a time saver. So many one-click resources vs having to hunt and navigate and hunt and navigate over and over. I think I can now take the multitude of links I have saved in various places and put them all together in digital binders. Maybe some of the resources I’ve found will be helpful to others, as theirs have been helpful to me.




One thought on “7-Productivity

  1. Cathy,
    I love your term “Digital Junkie”! I think you must be one…with all of your exploring and immediate application. Your students are so lucky to have such a forward thinking teacher who personalizes everything so they can learn their best and have tools to carry them through their education.,


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