I chose a professional development Google Hangout on Air for this Thing because it also had a backchannel chat on Twitter. I found it very challenging at first to do both, but after talking to one of my cohorts in the #Edumatch group, she gave me some tips for how to handle both. I managed to add a comment in Google after the hangout finished, but I didn’t get any tweets in. This chat is every week at 6PM so I will go in prepared with two separate windows — one for Twitter and one for the hangout tonight. There is also a place to post questions within the hangout.

My experience with this hangout was awesome. I loved being able to see people’s faces as well as hear their voices. Once I get comfortable with the technology, I will try it with the class. What an amazing way to be in class when you can’t physically be there.

Google Hangout on Air – topic: Sketchnoting

google hangout on air

Google Hangout Comment

comment about sketchnoting hangout

Screenshot of Twitter feed. I didn’t get any comments in but will try tonight.

backchannel chat twitter



After completing the assignment with Google Hangout, I still really wanted to experiment with an online meeting format and then try it with students. I chose join.me because I had used it recently with a developer who was showing me how to use his app and it worked really well. The only negative is that you have to download the join.me app, but you don’t have to create an account to participate. You only need a meeting code. With the free version I could chat, do audio and share my screen. I could also hand the moderator position to a viewer. Now that I’ve tried it with a colleague and four different devices (Mac, Android phone, iPhone and iPad) I am ready to try it with students!

Meeting Code

joinme code
join.me meeting code
screen shot of join.me
join.me chat


Screenshots of iPhone, Mac and Android (in landscape mode)

I am very excited about all these tools because of the potential for incredible learning through real-time collaboration and communication with classmates, colleagues, experts, etc.






One thought on “6-Communication

  1. Cathy,
    You are just an amazing tech integration machine! Not only are you making your students’ lesson more relevant you are giving them life long tools that will support them in their learning and in their communication with family and friends. Rock on!


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