Link to Padlet

I have evaluated several collaborative boards including Lino, Baiboard and Padlet. I chose Padlet because it meets the following criteria among others:

  • Accessible from all devices
  • Has audio feature as well as text, links, etc.
  • Easy to post links, questions and comment
  • No student sign-in required
  • Live action!

Using Padlet allows us to post a video or any document, and people can brainstorm/collaborate simultaneously and with multiple media.

The link above is to a current project – one student created a video on his iPad using Shadow Puppet EDU. I posted the video on Padlet and asked other students to post questions for the author.

This project generated an unexpected side benefit today in class.  As we were reading the questions out loud, students who were working on other activities stopped what they were doing and started asking more questions.  The Padlet became an instant springboard for  everyone in the class to spontaneously collaborate.  I wish I had thought to video the scene. My best lesson plan couldn’t have predicted that level of engagement. It was as though the entire room saw in an instant the potential for expressing themselves in English. I cannot wait to see where this goes.


Link to Collaborative Google Doc

collaborative document

Since I don’t have colleagues to collaborate with in my current position, I chose a few documents my students and I have been collaborating on. The first is a document in which three of my students introduce themselves to a class of ESL students in Brazil. We left their original entries unedited so that they can collaborate with the Brazilian students on editing each other’s entries.

The next links M-E Intro with Comments and Piazza are essays that we have been collaboratively editing as a group either in class or virtually. As we go through the editing process students can accept or reject the changes on whatever device they have. So far this process has worked best live in class but I am going to try it as a virtual session.

Doodle Sample Poll

doodle meeting poll

Above is a sample poll I created to find out the best time to schedule additional computer lab time for the advanced group. I have not actually sent this poll out yet because I want to do this first in class to make sure they understand the technology and how to respond. Even though this group is comfortable with keyboarding, Google Docs and basic tablet functions, they aren’t used to the level of technology I am introducing so I want to be sure they are comfortable with the tools before formally implementing them. Once my virtual classroom is set up, I will be able to introduce these new tools outside of class.





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