3-Word Cloud

For my word cloud project, I would like to submit some that I have created for specific purposes. (#2, 3, and 4 on the 108 ways list)

These two word clouds were created specifically to provide a visual of some very basic sight word (1st example) and phonics (2nd example) vocabulary practice. For my very beginning readers, it is very important for them to see the same word repeated in different forms – size, font and color. I use a word cloud like these at the beginning of each reader I create for the beginners.

108 Ways Language Arts #2: Make a word cloud to illustrate student writing:

This word cloud is from a story one of the students wrote. I then took the vocabulary and created a word cloud so that she and the other students could have another way of experiencing the story and the vocabulary.


This Word Cloud was the graphic for our holiday party invitation.



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