1 – Basics

Interesting quiz – to summarize my own results – I didn’t know the acronym AUP but I looked it up and found out it means Acceptable Use Policy. Then I understood. Since my adult ed program is not connected to the school system network, I don’t have to adhere to any system-wide policies and so wasn’t aware of them specifically. Something new I learned is about the BYOD guidelines. I found them very helpful and will modify them for my class situation.

Regarding the standards – I am most familiar with SAMR from taking the 21Things for iPads course last year. In watching Anne’s review, I was able to quickly classify the activities my students are now working on, and was very pleased to realize that at least two of them are Redefinition. As I develop my class, I will refer back to ISTE more closely as well.

Hmmm – on the typing question I answered that I type faster than 40 wpm with no errors and was told that was incorrect. Not sure how that result came up but I went back and did the typing test – got 56-58 with a few errors each time which adjusts to 43 wpm no errors. I redid the test a few times because my normal rate is about 58 wpm but always with 3 or 4 errors. So I kept repeating the test and slowed down until I reached a steady 40 wpm with no errors.  I will use my result to remind my students to slow down if necessary, that accuracy is more important than speed, especially in the beginning.

How I got “incorrect” listing iPad and Macintosh for the devices I use I’m not sure. Maybe I read the question wrong, or maybe the powers that be know that I also use an Android phone and tablet on occasion? Ha!

Regarding modeling – this isn’t something new I’ve learned, but I have been modeling shortcuts with my advanced students who are writing about various topics using Google Docs.

About the process for Thing 1 – I found navigating it somewhat confusing especially because a few of the video links didn’t work. I’m glad Anne recommended that we just keep clicking the Next Page button!

Screenshot of two windowsScreen Shot 2016-02-14 at 6.11.33 PM








One thought on “1 – Basics

  1. Cathy,
    Isn’t it amazing how much we don’t know!?!?!? You are off to a great start with your learning and tying your iPad practices to this course will create a huge toolbox of resources and strategies for you!


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